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Networking Products

SAFE TECHNOLOGIES offers networking products providing superior reliability, proven performance and comprehensive features that help reduce complexity and maximize return on IT. The product offering includes Network Devices and its Peripherals. SAFE TECHNOLOGIES offers high quality low cost products for home and office needs and doing the installation by highly qualified team.


Gateway is a device placed at a network node and interfaces with another network that uses different protocols. A node on a network services an entrance to another network. In enterprises, the gateway is the computer that routes the traffic from a workstation to the outside network that is serving the Web pages. In homes, the gateway is the ISP that connects the user to the internet.


SAFE TECHNOLOGIES offers wireless routers from leading manufacturers with different speed limits. Router is a specialized network device that determines the next network point to which it can forward a data packet towards the ultimate destination of the packet. Unlike a gateway, it cannot interface different protocols. A router is connected to two different networks and passes packets between them.


We offer switch with different port limits at affordable rates. A switch is a device that allocates traffic from one network segment to certain lines which connect the segment to another network segment. Unlike a hub, a switch splits the network traffic and sends it to different destinations rather than to all systems on the network.


Bridge is a device that connects multiple network segments along the data link layer. Bridging describes the action taken by network equipment to allow two or more communication networks, or two or more network segments, to create an aggregate network. Bridging is distinct from routing which allows the networks to communicate independently as separate networks.


A device that connects multiple Ethernet segments, making them act as a single segment. When using a hub, every attached device shares the same broadcast domain and the same collision domain. Therefore, only one computer connected to the hub is able to transmit at a time. It provides bandwidth which is shared among all the objects, in contrast to switches, which provide a connection between individual nodes.


Repeater is a device which amplifies or regenerates digital signals received while sending them from one part of a network into another. SAFE TECHNOLOGIES offers different kinds of product including the wireless repeater with different speed limit that can provide free WiFi service in a big area such as a factory, office, home etc.

Proxy server

Proxy server is server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A computer network service which allows clients to make indirect network connections to other network services. We offer proxy servers can be used with any application that support the customers needs.


SAFE TECHNOLOGIES provides firewall software or hardware-based network security system that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing the data packets and determining whether they should be allowed through or not, based on applied rule set. It is piece of hardware or software put on the network to prevent some communications forbidden by the network policy.

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SAFE TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in the field of marketing of Computers, Security systems and high quality services to the valued customers in Cochin. Our range of products extends a single door entry for SAFE TECHNOLOGIES is a systems integration firm specialized in finding the right combination of products and service to fit the client’s needs. We sell and support both hardware and software and make them work together optimally.

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